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Are you tired of being
drowned by spams ?
Your mailbox needs oxygen ?

You are in the right place. To report is to act!

Report to SPAMBEE your shady emails. SPAMBEE provides relevant authorities and experts with important information to fight cybercriminals. The relevant technical information for the analysis is directly transmitted to the experts SPAMBEE, and not your personal data.

SPAMBEE, a joint initiative of BEE SECURE, the CNPD and the Cybersecurity Competence Center Luxembourg (C3), allows you to effortlessly analyze dubious emails to determine if they are SPAM or phishing.

SPAM annoys, phishing is dangerous!
Protecting yourself becomes easy with SPAMBEE.

SPAMBEE is a tool that allows you to easily handle suspicious emails and notify them to experts who will make a complete diagnosis of each transmitted email. Once processed, these emails will feed a database of senders to ban. This "blacklist" will be shared with all SPAMBEE users. In this way the anti-spam filter will be enhanced thanks to the participation of each user.

SPAMBEE is a plug-in that can be installed on most browsers and email clients. Once installed, it allows everyone, with a simple click, to transfer dubious emails to our experts who analyze the data.

SPAMBEE protects your personal data according to the GDPR, because only the technical data of the emails are transferred, not the content or the recipient.

The recipient may however choose to receive the analysis report. Only in this case, his address is saved.

SPAMBEE also protects you from malicious emails

  1. A great simplicity of use;
  2. Free notification;
  3. Anonymity preserved: only the data relevant to the analysis (senders, headers ...) are collected;
  4. The technical data is directly transmitted;
  5. The security of all users is improved through the sharing of "black lists";
  6. The filter can be adapted to local specificities;
  7. SPAMBEE is compatible with most email clients, as well as webmails.

Click on the icon below corresponding to your mail application, and install the plug-in on your system.

OUTLOOK plug-in For Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 or earlier versions Mac Mail plug-in For MacOS 11 and earlier versions Mac Mail Outlook for Mac Mac Mail plug-in For MacOS 12 and later versions.
This application also includes the Safari extension
Thunderbird plug-in For Thunderbird
ⓘ How to install the thunderbird plug-in

In order to protect yourself against sites listed by SPAMBEE as fraudulent, we recommend that you also install the SPAMBEE plug-in in your browser. This will alert you when your Internet browsing leads you to visit a fraudulent site.

Click on the icon below corresponding to your browser, or click on the Install button at the bottom of this page


Compatible webmails with Browsers plug-ins:


Chrome Browser
Firefox Browser
Spambee is not yet available for this browser. We recommend that you install another browser (Firefox, Chrome) to use it.
Spambee is not yet available for smartphones and tablets